Jussy, GE.
property space.
262 m2
RGI Architecture

In the charming neighborhood of Jussy, SIZE is carrying out the complete renovation of a farmhouse into a modern individual villa. The project, blending tradition and innovation, will debute in the coming days.

The mandate has been entrusted to RGI Architecture, which ingeniously created a modern habitat while preserving the charm of ancient stone and wood.

Current project : The owners of the land located in the municipality of Jussy have enlisted Size Real Estate to enhance the value of their property for eventual sale.
Our vision with RGI Architecture : It involves a thorough restoration of the villa. Our teams will navigate through technical constraints related to the structural elements and will honor the age of the villa while infusing a modern touch, all while respecting the feedback from the Cantonal Office of Nature and the Urban Planning Office.
Roméo Gregoris
Head of Construction & Engineer - Size Real Estate