With its "Be Cool & Think Big" approach, Size is a creative and innovative group that likes to rethink limits. Our mission? To make Geneva shine.
vision & values
  • We accept challenges and anticipate the future, with one goal: Think Big.


  • We move forward with the history and identity of each place, taking inspiration from its origins to mark a new page.


  • We develop sustainably and responsibly. Growing Geneva for the long term is one of our priorities.


  • Breaking codes: We make Geneva exciting with all the key players around us.


  • Exploring new possibilities: We cultivate our openness to better learn and succeed.


  • Develop responsibly: In each of our projects, we commit as a sustainable player – with and for each stakeholder.


  • We invest and develop sites with all stakeholders, in the interests of our clients, with a single goal: Make It Big.


  • Diversity and equality are a priority in our recruitment and believe that our office and work should reflect the society in which we live.
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governance & team

Men and women. Committed. Passionate. Our staff is the strength of our group. Uncompromising creativity. Constantly renewed expertise. We evolve, we share, we move forward. All together, to go ever further. Size is built around a supervisory board, an executive committee, and 5 business management committees. Its governance bodies guarantee the company is smoothly run. #WEARETOGETHER

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